There exists, with certain level of sensitivity, an equal opportunity to create and achieve excellence – with or without abundant resources, with or without expert skill-set, with or without in-depth experience, in the smallest part or in the entirety, in being singular or as a group, in working at the bottom or at the top of the hierarchy and in the most mediocre of tasks or in creating monuments.

Excellence is not necessarily the physical perfection and neither is it to be measured through the most efficient functioning of a creation. It is reflected through the experience of the user, the inhabitant, and its ability to adapt with time.

Success to this endeavour is not contingent on how elaborate the process is, but in the ability to enfold the unforeseen.

Excellence , thus, is Work In Progress


Anand Patel

Devanshi Shah

Nikunj Dedhia


Saritha Gopalkrishnan- Deputy General Manager, Oberoi Realty Ltd

Husein Khakoo- Project Manager, Nirmaan

Sulakshana Nayak- Project Manager, MBH Architects

Saahil Parikh- Principal, WE Design Studio

Nupur Shah- Principal, WE Design Studio

Rupal Shah- Senior Designer, M Design

Prescilla Badal- Independent practice

Kiraan Aggarwal- Principal, Studio Querencia

Nisha Chawla- Independent practice

Mausam Chawla- Independent practice

Ekta Thakur- Independent practice

Neha Baheti- Designer, LivSpace

Dhruvi Ranpura- Independent practice

Ritika Shetty- recently completed Masters in Architecture

Neha Vardhan- recently completed Masters in Construction Management

Saloni Agarwal- Designer, MOAD

Kaif Muneer- Principal, Studio Minima

Pranjali Kothari- Independent practice

Neelanjana Chitrabanu- Independent practice

Nidal Rizwy- Principal, Nidalrizwydesigns

Nachiket Salunke

Mithula Uchil

Aishwarya Jamkhedkar

Bhairavi Ruparel

Raunaq Bhagwat

Purve Pancholi

Sakshi Avinash


Gratitude, Bijoy Jain and Vikas Dilawari, for guidance, teaching & encouragement; for being such exemplary and relentless professionals.

You inspire.